Create Wellness Equity to Empower Undeserved Youth

TheGivego Foundation provides programs, funds special projects and host events that promote wellness equity to empower undeserved youth. As an intervention for prevention, we create spaces for youth to belong and develop skills to cope with life's stressors during their most vulnerable developmental years. Through movement and mentorship we GIVE the youth the tools, knowledge and experiences they need so they may GO and live a well life.


Program Activate is TheGiveGo Youth Movement Club which is a South Central Los Angeles based fitness community for youth ages 12-25. We take day trips to different cities to do physical activities and gain exposure to what the world has to offer through movement.

We challenge the narrative of the statistics for youth in South Central by creating access to experiences that empower.

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1 IN 5

Youth live below the poverty line in South Central. Increased time spent in poverty is associated with lower chances an individual will exit poverty, reinforcing the cycle.


of South Central youth qualify for free or reduced lunch and rely heavily on the schools to provide daily meals.

1 IN 3

Youth in South Central are affected by obesity which increase health risks. Improper access to food and safe places to play are a cause.

> 20%

Over 20% of South central Youth
have already entered the justice system.



My name is Amber Blackwell and I am an advocate for Wellness, Mental health and the Youth. I have worked in the education system for the past 12 years, predominantly serving in South Central Los Angeles.Through the years, I have witnessed the disproportionate effects our youth in South Central have faced due to racism, oppression and a lack of social justice. I want to do more to bridge the gap of equity, which is why I founded TheGiveGo.

With TheGivego, I hope to provide intervention for prevention. I aim to connect resources for our youth and provide experiences that reset the trajectory of their lives. Mental health does not discriminate against age. Youth are affected by mental health issues just as adults are yet there isn't enough focus on servicing the need of support. From a young age we need to be taught the importance of mental health, coping skills and finding a positive outlet. TheGiveGo will work to combat youth mental illness due to the circumstances of their lives.

The Power of 1 Trusted Adult

BIPOC Mentorship
Underserved Youth are disproportionately over represented by BIPOC populations. They are the most vulnerable group when statistically speaking of social injustices that reinforce cycles of poverty, obesity, addiction, lack of education, unemployment and mental illness. Often, they are the last to be thought of when interventions for diversity, equity and inclusion are created. Understanding the power of representation, our BIPOC Mentorship program is a social justice intervention for undeserved youth. Our approach through matching mentees with mentors of similar profiles from racial backgrounds to career aspirations, allows youth to build connections and receive guidance from people who have overcome some of the same injustices they are facing.The power of one trusted adult for the underserved youth can change the entire trajectory of their life.


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Septemeber 2023 Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: A Youth Empowerment Wellness Event

In honor of Childhood obesity month, TheGiveGo is currently raising funds to host a youth empowerment event as a back to school campaign. We aim to teach the youth an efficient workout routine they can use to combat obesity and set the tone for their school day improving executive functioning skills. We will host a youth panel discussion about navigating through peer pressure.

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